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Volunteer corn may pose threat to 2018 corn yields

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Stressed corn: Formula for estimating corn yield potential

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Estimating soybean yield potential

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Wheat planting date and seeding rate research in northwest Kansas

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Outlook for stripe rust in the 2019 Kansas wheat crop

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Effect of delayed planting on corn yield

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Evaluating corn fields for root-lesion nematode

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Learn what to expect from a spring-emerged winter wheat crop

Some wheat fields in Kansas have had poor emergence or none at all. The potential consequences of the delayed progress of the Kansas wheat crop during October include greater exposure to winterkill, delayed crop cycle for grain filling under warmer conditions, and a lower yield potential due to decreased fall tillering. Can these fields still produce a good yield? Read more in this article.

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Effect of row spacing on soybean yield

There are still many questions about row spacing for soybean production. This article summarizes some research from K-State on the effect of different row spacing on soybean yield.

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Critical timing of irrigation for maximizing cotton yield potential

Producers are likely familiar with timing of limited irrigation to maximize yield in grain crops such as corn or grain sorghum. This article summarizes research from K-State on timing irrigation for maximizing the yield potential in cotton.

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Learn how to estimate corn yield potential

Once tasseling, silking, and pollination are complete, or nearly complete, producers can begin to estimate corn yield potential. To get a reasonable yield estimate, corn should be in the milk, dough, or dent stage. Learn how to get an early estimate of yield potential in this article.

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Make an informed decision when selecting the best wheat variety

Wheat producers are faced with an increasing number of varieties from which to choose. This article provides a step-by-step guideline, as well as relevant resources, to help producers make a better decision when selecting one or a few varieties to plant in their operation.

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Estimating soybean yield potential

Many producers like to estimate the yield potential of their soybeans well before reaching the end of the season. This article discusses two different methods for estimating soybean yields at this stage of the growing season.

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Grain sorghum yield potential: Understanding the main yield components

To make the best estimate of the yield potential of grain sorghum, you need to understand the main yield-driving factors. What are the primary components that influence grain sorghum yield?

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Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation

Estimating crop yields before harvest can be difficult. For sorghum, yield estimates can be calculated 3 to 4 weeks after flowering. However the final seed number and seed weight can still change. Estimates are more accurate the closer to harvest.

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Expectations for a late-emerged winter wheat crop

Many wheat fields around Kansas emerged later than desired due to extremely dry soil conditions in the fall. What are the expectations for late-emerged wheat and what factors contribute to the expected yield potential for those fields?

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Effect of row spacing on soybean yield

There are still some questions about row spacing for soybean production. Some benefits of narrow rows include improved weed control and reduced erosion. Do narrow rows improve yield? What effect does the yield environment have on the yield response to narrow rows? Find out more in this article.

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