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Consider fall treatments for control of marestail in soybeans

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Controlling annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum

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New K-State 2019 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online

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Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control

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Late-winter preplant applications for kochia control

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Weed control strategies for grain sorghum

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Control strategies for sericea lespedeza

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Control annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum

Now that row crop harvest is underway and fall moisture has been received, it is time to start planning fall herbicide applications to control winter annual broadleaf weeds and grasses ahead of grain sorghum or corn.

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Kansas weeds: Know your mustard species

Several mustard species are found in Kansas fields, including tansy mustard, flixweed, bushy wallflower, field pennycress, and blue mustard. Can you ID these different species in the field? Learn about the identifying features of each one in this article.

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Cover crop termination considerations

Now is the time to begin considering how to terminate winter cover crops in preparation for summer crops. Some cover crop species, such as oilseed radish or fall-planted oats, are likely to be killed by freezing over the winter. But, many cover crops will need to be terminated by mechanical or chemical methods in the spring.

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Control options for buckbrush, roughleaf dogwood, and smooth sumac

Three common brush species native to Kansas are buckbrush, roughleaf dogwood, and smooth sumac. What are the best options for control of the brush species?

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Kansas weed survey - Reminder to participate before August 31

Herbicide-resistant weeds are threatening the profitability and long-term sustainability of Kansas cropping systems. We are seeking input on this issue from Kansas farmers and agriculture professionals.

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Kansas weed survey - Reminder to participate before August 31

Please consider completing a short survey on herbicide resistant weed control. The survey will close at the end of August. Information collected will help develop innovative, cost-effective and integrated weed management practices for Kansas farmers.

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Weed management practices: Fall scouting for weeds

Weeds that escape control by in-season management practices can cause several problems at harvest and in future growing seasons.

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