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Volunteer wheat control: Protecting Kansas wheat

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Wheat streak mosaic: Early control of volunteer wheat is important

Wheat streak mosaic virus can be a severe problem for Kansas wheat producers. Large outbreaks can usually be traced back to a lack of control of volunteer wheat. Learn more about the importance of managing volunteer in this article from K-State Extension.

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Spring-emerged volunteer wheat: Should producers worry about wheat streak mosaic virus and the green bridge?

The wet weather has resulted in the emergence of volunteer wheat over the last few weeks in some parts of Kansas. Does this flush of volunteer wheat pose a risk for wheat streak mosaic virus to the wheat crop?

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Considerations for weed control following wheat harvest

Post-harvest weed control in wheat stubble is very important to conserve soil moisture and prevent weeds from going to seed and adding to the weed seedbank. Weeds can grow quickly once the wheat canopy is removed.

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Wheat streak mosaic virus: It is critical to stay on top of volunteer wheat this year

One of the best preventative measures for wheat streak mosaic virus it the timely control of volunteer wheat. Volunteer wheat should be terminated at least 2 weeks prior to wheat planting. Don't underestimate the importance of this management practice.

wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic wheat curl mite