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Sorghum midge: Implications for grain sorghum in central and western Kansas

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2018 Kansas Performance Tests with grain sorghum hybrids report now available

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Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Find out the answer and what factors are involved in this article from Cropping Systems Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

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Stalk rots in grain sorghum

Considerable levels of stalk rot have been occurring in corn in 2019 and these same weather conditions are also favorable for stalk rot development in grain sorghum.

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Crop management publications updated for 2020: Corn, Soybeans, and Sorghum

Be ready for the 2020 growing season with these three updated crop management publications from the Department of Agronomy and K-State Research and Extension. These comprehensive guides are written specifically for Kansas and contain valuable agronomic information.

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Reports of sugarcane aphid on grain sorghum in Kansas

The sugarcane aphid has now been reported in several counties in Kansas . Producers should be scouting their fields on a routine basis. Read more about scouting methods and treatment thresholds in this article.

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Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Grain sorghum maturity is significantly ahead of last year and close to the 5-year average. What effect did the early September cold snap have on crop development? Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Read more here from K-State Agronomy.

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Rate of dry down in sorghum before harvest

The dry down process for grain sorghum is affected by several factors including temperature, humidity, and late-season stress conditions. Read more about the dry down process and how to estimate when sorghum will be ready to harvest.

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Summer row crop disease summary for Kansas in 2020

In general, disease pressure was lower than normal for corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum. The dry weather at critical growth periods contributed to lower incidences of yield-limiting diseases. Read more in this article from Extension Plant Pathology.

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