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Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - March 20, 2020

Spring is here but is it time to get seed in the ground for the 2020 growing season? Selection of the optimal planting date is a critical decision. What factors should be considered? Read more here in this article from Cropping Production specialist, Dr. Ciampitti.

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Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - April 2, 2020

Selection of the optimal planting date is an important decision faced by all farmers. Rather than looking at the calendar, farmers should monitor soil temperature and moisture. Read the latest update from K-State Extension Agronomy.

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Soil temperature update for Kansas - April 10, 2020

As air temperatures keep fluctuating, so the soil temperatures. Producers need to closely monitor current soil temps and the upcoming weather forecasts to avoid any potential seedling injury to corn this spring.

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Cold soils can lead to chilling injury for newly planted corn

Cold temperatures can result in injury to the germinating corn seed as it absorbs moisture - a problem called imbibitional chilling injury. Damage can occur when soil temperatures are at or below 50 F.

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How do soil temperatures for 2020 compare to historical averages for Kansas?

This article discusses soil temperature climatology (30-year average) and how 2020 compares to the climate normal for Kansas. Climate "normals" provide a valuable historical perspective to help us understand current weather.

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UPDATE - Soil temperature and cold injury for corn

As a cool front impacts Kansas in early May, keep an eye soil temperatures with respect to planting corn and soybeans. Chilling injury can occur if soil temperatures drop too low.

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Soil temperature and forecast are critical for successful cotton stand establishment

Cotton has a great ability to overcome many stresses and produce profitable lint yields when the crop gets off to a good, uniform start. When is the best time to plant cotton in Kansas? Read more in this article!

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Soil temperatures continue a roller coaster pattern in early May

Soil temperatures continue to take a roller coaster ride heading into mid-May. Extension Agronomy has been continually monitoring both soil and air temperatures this spring. Read this latest update here.

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Soil temperature impacts on western corn rootworm eggs

The recent Arctic-like weather raises some questions about insect pressure for the upcoming growing season, particularly for the western corn rootworm. Will this severe cold snap kill eggs that are currently lying dormant in the field?

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Soil versus air temperatures: Understanding the relationship

During the bitterly cold period in mid-February, air temperatures dropped as low as -30 F in some locations. Soil temperatures, however, did not get near that cold. Several interacting factors control soil temperature flux. Learn some basic principles about soil temperature changes in this article.

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