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Soil fertility and wheat production: Profile nitrate levels and wheat yield

Last week, we discussed the importance of soil testing ahead of wheat planting. This article addresses the correlation between profile nitrate and wheat yield.

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Key nutrients for soybean production in Kansas

Soybeans, particularly high-yielding varieties, remove significant amounts of available soil nutrients per bushel of grain harvested. As the crop matures, adequate amounts are needed in each growth stage. Learn which nutrients are the most critical to soybean production in Kansas.

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Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing

Wheat producers in Kansas should consider soil testing to help in making accurate fertilizer decisions. Accurate decisions are especially important during years with low grain prices and tight budgets.

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Fall soil testing of hayfields and pastures

Fall is an excellent time to perform soil testing of pastures and hayfields. Testing in the fall allows more time for any needed lime applications before the main growing season and allows flexibility for planning fertilizer applications.

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Soil Fertility Management meetings scheduled in central and western Kansas

The K-State Department of Agronomy, in collaboration with several Extension districts/counties in central and western Kansas, is hosting four Soil Fertility Management meetings in January.

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Register now for the Soil Fertility Management meetings

There's still time to register for one of the KSU Soil Fertility Management meetings taking place on January 11 and 12! Learn about optimizing your fertilizer applications during this time of high fertilizer costs and limited availability.

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