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Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual activity are an important component of high-yielding cropping systems. Residual herbicides applied prior to wheat emergence can be part of a good weed management system in wheat production.

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Cover crop response to herbicides

Cover crop response to herbicides will be influenced by a number of factors, including biological and biochemical characteristics of the plant, chemical characteristics of the herbicide, and weather conditions since herbicide application.

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Control annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum

With row crop harvest well underway, it is time to start planning fall herbicide applications. Herbicide applications in late October through November can improve control of difficult winter annual weeds.

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Residual herbicides for corn

Residual herbicides that kill weed seeds/seedlings as they germinate or emerge are an important component of herbicide applications at or before the time of corn planting. Learn about the different options in this article from Weeds Specialist Sarah Lancaster.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum

With few post-emergence herbicide options for control of grass species and Palmer amaranthl in grain sorghum, having an effective pre-emergence herbicide program is very important. Learn more about the different soil-applied residual herbicides in this article.

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Early-season weed control in cotton

Early season weed control is particularly important in cotton as it can be slow to develop a crop canopy. Learn the best strategies for keeping weeds at bay in your cotton fields this spring and summer.

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