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Prussic acid in sorghum following a hard freeze

After a hard freeze, there could be questions regarding prussic acid in sorghum. Prussic acid poisoning is more of a concern when grazing sorghum than when harvested for hay or silage.

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Test to prevent nitrate and prussic acid poisoning

Many Kansas cattle operations rely on some type of harvested feed to use in the winter months. Forages in the sorghum family are prone to two different problems for feeding cattle, nitrate poisoning and prussic acid poisoning. Learn about how to test for these and key characteristics of each toxin.

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Testing methods for nitrates in forages

In last week's eUpdate, nitrate and prussic acid poisoning was discussed when feeding cattle certain types of forages. In this follow-up article, we share information on the different tests available and how to collect a representative sample.

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Managing the prussic acid hazard in sorghum

While sorghum is a valuable forage crop, sorghum species can produce prussic acid, which can be toxic to livestock. The potential for toxic levels of prussic acid is affected by several different factors. If proper management occurs, sorghum can be a safe and beneficial forage crop.

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