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Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control

Now is the time to finalize plans for kochia control. Major flushes of kochia emerge in late February and continue through early April, resulting in dense populations that make adequate herbicide coverage difficult. It is important to apply pre-emergence herbicides in late winter or early spring to control this weed before it emerges.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for corn

Applications of pre-emergence herbicides at or before corn planting are important to minimize yield losses to early-emerging weeds. Learn more about this weed management practice in this article.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum

Pre-emergence herbicide programs for corn were discussed in a recent eUpdate article. The role of pre-emergence herbicides is similar in both corn and grain sorghum, and some herbicides are similar. Read more here from Dr. Sarah Lancaster.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual activity are an important component of high-yielding cropping systems. Residual herbicides applied prior to wheat emergence can be part of a good weed management system in wheat production.

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Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control

Now is the time to finalize plans for kochia control. Recent research suggests that kochia can begin emerging in early February with most kochia emerging by early April. This article will be the first in a series discussing specific options for various cropping systems.

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Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control

Controlling marestail in soybeans continues to be a big challenge for Kansas no-till producers. Learn about early spring, pre-plant, and post-emergence options for treatment in this article from Extension Weed Science Specialist, Dr. Sarah Lancaster.

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Early-season weed control in cotton

Early season weed control is particularly important in cotton as it can be slow to develop a crop canopy. Learn the best strategies for keeping weeds at bay in your cotton fields this spring and summer.

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