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Considerations for pre-emergence herbicides

Pre-emergence, soil-active herbicides applied around the time of planting are an important part of a good weed management program. However, variability in spring weather leads to concerns about both weed control and crop injury.

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Late winter kochia control in fields going to corn or grain sorghum

Last week, we shared some general information about applying pre-emergence herbicides for kochia control. In this article, the focus is on specific recommendations for fields going to corn or grain sorghum this growing season.

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Late winter kochia control in fields going to soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat

This is the third and final article in a series discussing pre-emergence herbicides for kochia control. For this article, we cover recommendations specific to fields that will be planted to soybean or sunflower this spring and wheat in the fall.

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Residual herbicides for corn

Residual herbicides that kill weed seeds/seedlings as they germinate or emerge are an important component of herbicide applications at or before the time of corn planting. Learn about the different options in this article from Weeds Specialist Sarah Lancaster.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum

With few post-emergence herbicide options for control of grass species and Palmer amaranthl in grain sorghum, having an effective pre-emergence herbicide program is very important. Learn more about the different soil-applied residual herbicides in this article.

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