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Wheat planting conditions: Early October 2020

The dry pattern that dominated September has continued into October. Soils across the wheat growing region in Kansas are dry. Learn more about the current conditions in this article.

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Wheat planting conditions in Kansas: Early October 2021

Much needed rainfall was received for many areas of Kansas in the last week. However, some regions are still very dry. This article discussed the soil moisture status for the state, the upcoming precipitation forecast, and recommendations for producers that still have wheat to plant.

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Wheat planting conditions in Kansas: Early October 2022

As of October 2, the wheat planted acreage in Kansas was 30%, down from this time last year. With dry soils and prolonged drought across much of Kansas, many producers are wondering if waiting for rain is the best option. This article discusses the advantages for waiting for rain or planting into dry soils. Current planting conditions and the upcoming weather forecast are also discussed.

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