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Recommendations for fall planting of alfalfa

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Palmer amaranth resistance to 2,4-D and dicamba confirmed in Kansas

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Corn planting progress for Kansas and other Corn Belt states

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Wheat planting conditions: Late-September 2019

What are the current soil conditions across the wheat-growing regions of KS? What is the short-term weather outlook? Find out more here.

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Sorghum management considerations: Planting practices

The most critical planting practices affecting yields in sorghum are: row spacing, row arrangement, seeding rate/plant population, planting date, and hybrid maturity. Read more about the best sorghum planting practices from Cropping Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

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Winter canola planting considerations

The planting window for winter canola in Kansas arrives by early September. Learn about key points to ensure that plant development is optimized for surviving the extremes of the Kansas climate.

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Planting wheat too early can lead to several problems

Early sowing of wheat can lead to several problems, from increased chances of insect- or mite-transmitted viral diseases to decreased emergence.Optimum wheat planting dates in Kansas depend on location within the state.

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Wheat planting - Tips for good stand establishment

There are several steps that wheat producers can take to help improve their chances of achieving good wheat stands. Read more in this article from wheat specialist, Dr. Romulo Lollato.

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Seed drill calibration to improve wheat seed distribution

Proper drill calibration can increase the chances of success of the wheat crop. Learn how to calibrate your seed drill using the stationary method in this article.

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