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Early summer control of sericea lespedeza using herbicides

Sericea lespedeza is a major invasive species of concern on rangeland, pasture, and some CRP acres in Kansas. This state-wide noxious weed infests over 600,000 acres in Kansas. June is a good time for control of sericea lespedeza using herbicides.

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Fall control of bindweed

Field bindweed is a deep-rooted perennial weed that severely reduces crop yields and land value. Classified as a noxious weed in Kansas, it can be found in every county. Single herbicide applications are often not effective.

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World of Weeds: Bur ragweed or woollyleaf bursage

This month's World of Weeds feature plant is bur ragweed, also known as woollyleaf bursage. Bur ragweed is broadleaf perennial weed and is classified as a noxious weed in KS. A deep rooting system allows it to survive extended periods of drought, making it difficult to control.

World of Weeds bur ragweed noxious weed woollyleaf bursage 

Musk thistle control in the fall

Musk thistle is classified as a noxious weed in Kansas and infests over 700,000 acres. Fall is an excellent time to spray musk thistle as it's in the rosette growth stage. Fall treatment also offers reduced risk of off-target drift.

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