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When the temperature rises, remember the Kansas Mesonet Cattle Comfort Tool

When the weather turns bitter cold or very hot, don't forget about the Kansas Mesont Cattle Comfort Tool. This tool illustrates the impacts of both extreme heat and extreme cold. Read more about this tool in this article.

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June 2020 in Kansas: One big hot wind

While windy days in Kansas are certainly common, June is historically one of the lighter wind months. This was not the case for June 2020. Sustained winds were above average for most of June for much of the state. What conditions were driving these winds? Read more here from the KS Climate team.

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Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer

Summer brings the heat, often amplified by higher humidity. Warmer-than-normal temperatures, especially at night, can cause heat stress to develop rapidly in livestock. The Kansas Mesonet has an Animal Comfort Tool that can help monitor conditions and aid farmers in making the best management decisions.

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Weather conditions during the cattle loss event in southwest Kansas in mid-June 2022

This article examines the weather conditions in southwest Kansas during the recent extreme heat wave. Specifically, this article discusses the Kansas Mesonet Cattle Comfort Index and how this weather event led to cattle losses in certain locations in southwest Kansas.

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High temperatures reduce effectiveness of Group 27 herbicides

Applying certain herbicides when air temperatures are high could reduce their effectiveness on controlling Palmer amaranth. Research conducted at K-State described two key changes about how Palmer amaranth responds to applications of mesotrione (Callisto) under high temperatures.

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How hot has it been in Kansas this summer?

July is typically the hottest month in Kansas, and this year has been no exception. But, has this summer been hotter than normal? How does it compare to previous summers? This article examines measured summer temperatures from 40 locations all across Kansas.

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Summer of 2022: Temperature rankings for 40 locations in Kansas

In this article, we take a final look at the heat of 2022 by the numbers. Specifically, we look at the occurrence of highs of at least 90° and 100°F at 40 sites across Kansas, an update to an earlier eUpdate article from early August.

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