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June heat in Kansas: High temperatures can stress livestock and corn

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Effects of recent high temperatures on wheat

There have been some extremely high temperatures during the last week in Kansas. While this is not unusual for this time of year, the high temperatures have caught some of the wheat during the grain filling period. Read more from Wheat Specialist Romulo Lollato in this article.

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June heat in Kansas: High temperatures can stress livestock and corn

The month of June has been hot across many locations in Kansas. The combination of heat and drought stress during certain growth stages in corn can be problematic. Read more from Cropping Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti and the Kansas Climate team.

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Herbicide applications and high temperatures

Summer temperatures have arrived across Kansas, with expected highs reaching near or exceeding 100 degrees in the coming days. Under these conditions, producers need to be aware of certain considerations when applying herbicides.

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Heat wave for the weekend: Update on high temperatures and heat stress

The Climate Prediction Center and the National Weather Service have issued heat outlooks for the weekend and continuing through the end of July. Even western portions of Kansas can expect elevated dew points and increased low temperatures.

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Critical timing in Kansas: High temperatures and corn development

Recent high temperatures occurred at a particularly critical period for the Kansas corn crop. Temperatures last week were unfavorable for a significant portion of Kansas. Heat stress during critical stages could lead to yield reductions.

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Herbicide applications and high temperatures

With many regions in Kansas reaching temperatures over 100 degrees this week, producers are encouraged to keep in mind how hot temperatures may impact the effectiveness of herbicide applications.

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Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer

Monitoring summer heat stress is important to ensure healthy livestock. Don't forget about the Animal Comfort Tool, a very useful tool from the Kansas Mesonet. Learn how to find and use this resource in this article.

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Heat safety awareness: Excessive heat forecasted for Kansas in late July

The month of July started off relatively cool for Kansas. However, the end of the month looks to be considerably hotter. The National Weather Service is forecasting excessive heat for much of Kansas next week. Learn how to be prepared and who is most vulnerable.

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