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Update on insect activity in grain sorghum - August 10, 2018

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Sorghum midge: Implications for grain sorghum in central and western Kansas

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2018 Kansas Performance Tests with grain sorghum hybrids report now available

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Weed control strategies for grain sorghum

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Rate of dry down in sorghum before harvest

What factors affect the rate of dry down in grain sorghum? This is a question on the minds of many producers as harvest draws closer and temperatures drops. Find out more in this article from KSU CROPS.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum

Pre-emergence herbicide programs for corn were discussed in a recent eUpdate article. The role of pre-emergence herbicides is similar in both corn and grain sorghum, and some herbicides are similar. Read more here from Dr. Sarah Lancaster.

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Sorghum management considerations: Planting practices

The most critical planting practices affecting yields in sorghum are: row spacing, row arrangement, seeding rate/plant population, planting date, and hybrid maturity. Read more about the best sorghum planting practices from Cropping Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

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In-season Palmer amaranth control in grain sorghum

With adequate moisture and high temperatures, Palmer amaranth populations are rapidly growing and causing concern for some sorghum producers in western Kansas. What options to growers have at this point in the growing season? Read more in the article from weed scientist Dr. Vipan Kumar.

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Grain sorghum yield potential: Understanding the main yield components

To make the best estimate of the yield potential of grain sorghum, you need to understand the main yield-driving factors. What are the primary components that influence grain sorghum yield?

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Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation

Estimating crop yields before harvest can be difficult. For sorghum, yield estimates can be calculated 3 to 4 weeks after flowering. However the final seed number and seed weight can still change. Estimates are more accurate the closer to harvest.

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Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Grain sorghum maturity is significantly ahead of last year and close to the 5-year average. What effect did the early September cold snap have on crop development? Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Read more here from K-State Agronomy.

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Check for stalk rots prior to grain sorghum harvest

It is important to check corn and sorghum fields for stalk rot diseases prior to harvest. Stalk rot is a stress-related disease. Any stress on a crop can increase both the incidence and severity of stalk rot.

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Prussic acid in sorghum following a hard freeze

After a hard freeze, there could be questions regarding prussic acid in sorghum. Prussic acid poisoning is more of a concern when grazing sorghum than when harvested for hay or silage.

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Herbicide-resistant grain sorghum hybrids - Are they here yet?

Herbicide-resistant grain sorghum has been a topic of conversation for several years. This article will provide an overview of weed management in these herbicide-resistant grain sorghum systems.

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IMIFLEX herbicide receives EPA approval for igrowth grain sorghum

As of late December, grain sorghum farmers have access to IMIFLEX™ herbicide to use in igrowth® grain sorghum for the 2021 growing season. Read more about the target weeds, use rates, and rotation intervals in this article.

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2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Grain Sorghum Hybrids

The results from the 2020 Kansas Performance Tests with grain sorghum hybrids are now available online. These tests provide valuable information on many of the sorghum hybrids marketed in Kansas.

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2021 Grain sorghum management publication now available

K-State Research and Extension has released the latest Kansas Sorghum Management publication. This comprehensive guide is written specifically for Kansas and includes valuable, up-to-date information on many aspects of sorghum production.

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Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum

With few post-emergence herbicide options for control of grass species and Palmer amaranthl in grain sorghum, having an effective pre-emergence herbicide program is very important. Learn more about the different soil-applied residual herbicides in this article.

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Imazamox-resistant shattercane populations identified from sorghum fields in northwest Kansas

Shattercane is a summer annual grass weed species commonly present in grain sorghum producing regions, including Kansas. Current research studies in western KS have identified 3 populations of shattercane with low-to-moderate resistance to imazamox.

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