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Evaluating the need for foliar fungicides on wheat

Leaf diseases in wheat are often managed by a combination of genetic resistance and crop rotation. However, foliar fungicides may be needed when these practices fail to suppress disease levels. What should producers consider before any treatment application?

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Fungicide considerations for corn diseases: Scouting is key

Corn producers should be scouting fields and assessing the need for a foliar fungicide application. Learn about the different disease risks factors for corn and when treatment is recommended for susceptible and intermediate hybrids.

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Stripe rust distribution and risk assessment - April 29, 2021

The wheat crop is moving into the flag leaf stage in central Kansas and heading in the southern counties. Now is a critical time to assess the need for a foliar fungicide application. Scouting is a critical first step for stripe rust control. Learn more in this article from K-State wheat pathologists.

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