Agronomy eUpdate November 3rd, 2022

Issue 931

Control of mustards in wheat - Timely treatment is important

Mustard weeds in wheat fields often are not noticed until the they start to bloom in the spring. Mustards are much more difficult to control once they have flowered and often have already reduced wheat yields. To minimize yield losses, mustards should be controlled by late winter or very early spring.

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Crop water allocator designed to help farmers with limited water

K-State water resources engineer Jonathan Aguilar outlines the benefits of the crop water allocator as a helpful tool for farmers during drought. This tool is available through K-State Mobile Irrigation Lab and can help farmers customize a business plan for using available water.

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Learn to identify rangeland and pasture grasses of Kansas

A recently revised publication that serves as comprehensive identification guide for range and pasture grasses in Kansas is available to purchase or as a free download. The publication, "Rangeland and Pasture Grasses of Kansas", was written by Dr. Walt Fick, professor and extension specialist in range management

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Feedback requested about the War Against Weeds podcast

Have you listened to any of the War on Weeds podcast? If so, your help is requested to help the creators make improvements in the future. Please consider participating in a short, 5-minute survey about the podcast. This article also includes the link to the podcast if you want to catch some past episodes.

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Save the date for the 2022 Crop Pest Management Schools

Save the date for the 2022 Crop Pest Management Schools! This year, two in-person schools will be offered, Nov. 30 in Beloit and Dec. 1 in Grainfield. Each school will feature a variety of topics on weed control, insects, and diseases. Details on how to register are included in this article. Agendas will be announced soon!

Crop Pest Schools