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Winter canola featured at K-State field days May 24, 25

The latest research and production information on winter canola will be featured at a series of K-State Research and Extension field days on May 24 and 25.

The field days will give producers several opportunities to see winter canola research plots and producer fields. Current research being conducted at the South Central Experiment Field near Hutchinson, as well as canola production fields near Concordia, Haven, and Andale will be on tap. Harvest management will one of the main topics.

With harvest season fast approaching, harvest management is critical for any crop, especially canola. We will talk about how to appropriately stage canola for swathing, desiccating and direct cutting at each location.

The schedule for the field days includes:

May 24. First up is the South Central Kansas Experiment Field spring field day on Tuesday, May 24. The program begins at 5 p.m. at the field headquarters, 10702 S. Dean Road, Hutchinson. Canola topics will include harvest management, a seeding-rate-by-variety-by-row-spacing study and a variety demonstration plot. Ten commercial canola varieties from five different seed suppliers will be on display.

May 25. On Wednesday, May 25, KSRE will partner with Rubisco Seeds to highlight three canola producers in Kansas. “The producers we will visit are growing hybrid canola,” Stamm said. “We will be discussing advanced production practices and how those practices have helped make these canola growers successful.” Refreshments will be provided by Rubisco Seeds.

The first stop will be at 10 a.m. south of Concordia. From the US-81 and Oat Road junction, drive 4.5 miles east to 200th Road. This field was drilled on 7.5-inch row spacings following double-cropped wheat.

The second stop will be at 2 p.m. east of Hutchinson. From the intersection of US-50 and K61 highways, go 5 miles east on US-50. The field is located at the intersection of US-50 and Kent Road. A second canola field planted after corn and under irrigation will also be included on this stop.

The third stop will be at 5 p.m. in Sedgwick County. From Andale, drive 3 miles west on W 61st St N and 1 ¼ miles south on N 295th St W. In this field, the previous crop residue was burned, then canola was seeded using a no-till planter on 30-inch rows.

For more information, contact Mike Stamm at 785-532-3871 or mjstamm@ksu.edu.


Mike Stamm, Canola Breeder