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South Central Experiment Field Spring Field Day, May 24

The Spring Field Day at the South Central Experiment Field will be held May 24, starting at 5 p.m. The event will be held at the field headquarters, 10702 S. Dean Road.

The main topics will include:

  • Dual-Purpose Wheat Varieties – Romulo Lollato, Wheat and Forages Specialist
  • Wheat Breeding Research, Variety Plots – Allan Fritz, K-State Wheat Breeder, Manhattan
  • 2016 Wheat Disease Situation and Fungicide Performance – Erick DeWolf, Extension Plant Pathologist
  • Wildcat Genetics: The Future of Winter Wheat Development – Daryl Strouts, President, Kansas Wheat Alliance
  • Canola Update on Variety Development – Mike Stamm, Canola breeder

In addition, graduate student research will be presented.

  • Marshall Hay: Evaluation of Soil-Applied Herbicides for Pigweed Control
  • Tyler Gardner: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Based N Recommendation for Dual-Purpose Wheat Varieties
  • Nathan Thompson: Pigweed Control in Double Crop Herbicide-Resistant Soybeans
  • Baylee Showalter: Canola Seeding Rate in 30-inch Rows

More information about the field day is available by calling Gary Cramer, agronomist-in-charge, at 620-662-9021, or gcramer@ksu.edu. A meal will follow the field day.