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Kansas Agricultural Technologies Conference, January 21-22 in Junction City

The 19th Annual Kansas Agricultural Technologies (KARTA) Conference will be held January 21-22, 2016 in Junction City at the Geary County Convention Center / Marriott, 310 Hammons Dr.

This annual event brings hundreds of agricultural producers and industry leaders together for a two-day interactive workshop on the ever-changing precision agriculture industry. There will be presentations on a wide variety of topics dealing with precision agriculture. The two-day event also includes vendor displays, the KARTA Annual Meeting, research presentations from grant recipients, and an interactive evening discussion that is always an attendee favorite.

The conference is co-sponsored by K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Agricultural Research and Technology Association, whose members are producers, university researchers, and industry professionals focused on learning about agricultural production and technological and informational changes on today’s farms.

There is a fee for this conference, and you must register. More information, including online registration is available at www.KARTA-online.org . Information is also available by contacting Lucas Haag, K-State Research and Extension Northwest Area Crops and Soil Specialist, at 785-462-6281 or lhaag@ksu.edu .

Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Crops and Soils Specialist