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New poster: “Sorghum Growth and Development”

A new poster, titled Sorghum Growth and Development, has been published by K-State Research and Extension. It is available online at: http://www.bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/MF3234.pdf 

The poster is 20x30 inches, and describes nine stages of growth of the sorghum plant. The author is Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production and Cropping Systems Specialist, with input from Curtis Thompson, Extension Agronomy State Leader and Weed Management Specialist; Richard Vanderlip, Professor Emeritus, and Vara Prasad, Professor of Crop Physiology.

Print versions of the poster are available at no charge, as long as supplies last, and can be ordered at:

County Extension offices can order copies by request, but have not been pre-stocked with copies.


Steve Watson, Agronomy eUpdate Editor