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Finding detailed information on the attributes of cover crops

Considering planting a cover crop after wheat? If you are looking for ideas, the Midwest Cover Crops Council’s selector tool is a good place to find some basic information. See: http://mccc.msu.edu/selector-tool/  

This tool allows the user to select their county, enter some information about the cash crop and soil environment, and choose the goals they want to achieve by planting a cover crop. One question that comes up often is where to find information on seeding rates, depths, and other agronomic details. This information is available by clicking in the chart on the name of the cover crop for which you’d like these details.

For example, let’s say you were interested in learning about proso millet as a cover crop. Just click on “Millet, Proso” in the chart of cover crop options suited to your situation and goals. A detailed page of information on proso millet will pop up in a new window.


A portion of the proso millet information sheet is shown below.



DeAnn Presley, Soil Management Specialist