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Northwest Research-Extension Center fall field day, August 23

Irrigation water efficiency will be featured at the Northwest Research-Extension Center fall field day Tuesday, Aug. 23 in Colby.

With the theme, “Just Add Water: Irrigation Science Today,” the event starts with registration 8:30-9:00 a.m. at the American Legion, 1850 W. 4th St. Transportation will be provided from there to the research station for field tours and returning to the American Legion for presentations indoors and a complimentary lunch.

Field tour topics and indoor presentations by K-State extension agronomists, engineers and entomologists include:

·        Drought-tolerant corn hybrids and timing of water deficits – Rob Aiken

·        Managing irrigation of modern corn hybrids under institutional constraints – Freddie Lamm

·        Soil water sensors: Lessons from the field – Jonathan Aguilar

·        Ear feeding pests on corn: Is resistance on the horizon? – Sarah Zukoff

·        Nitrogen and phosphorus management for irrigated corn: Sustainability and profit – Lucas Haag

·        Mobile drip irrigation: Hybrid hardware for hybrid corn – Isaya Kisekka

·        ET-Based irrigation scheduling – Danny Rogers

More information is available by calling 785-462-6281.