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New K-State sorghum publication now available online

A newly revised and updated version of Diagnosing Sorghum Production Problems in Kansas, S-125, from K-State Research and Extension has been published. You can find it online at:

This 52-page publication is authored by Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production and Cropping Systems Specialist; Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Nutrient Management Specialist; Doug Jardine, Plant Pathology Specialist; Jeff Whitworth, Entomology Specialist; Holly Schwarting, Entomology Research Associate; and Curtis Thompson, Weed Management Specialist.

This guide begins with early-season problems and continues through the growing season until harvest. Careful inspection of plants, soil, and the overall field condition is necessary in solving production problems. This publication demonstrates what to look for at various points during the growing season and what tools you’ll need to diagnose problems.