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Kansas weed survey: Producers/ag professionals input requested

Herbicide-resistant weeds are threatening the profitability and long-term sustainability of Kansas cropping systems. To help develop innovative, cost-effective, and integrated weed management practices for controlling herbicide-resistant weeds and to further improve the outreach programs for various regions of the state, the Weed Science group at the K-State Ag Research Center in Hays seeks input from Kansas producers and ag professionals (crop consultants, county agents, certified crop advisors). We invite you to please complete a brief survey related to weed management practices and herbicide-resistant weed problems. The survey will take 5-8 minutes and can be completed using the given link or by scanning the QR code on your smart phone.

If you have further questions on the survey, please contact Dr. Vipan Kumar, Weed Management Specialist at vkumar@ksu.edu.


Survey Link: Kansas Weeds Survey

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