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Extension Agronomy

Kansas Composting Operators' School, Sept. 14-15 in Manhattan

The Kansas Composting Operators’ School provides hands-on training in municipal, agricultural, and commercial large-scale composting for operators and managers of compost facilities who want to gain knowledge and experience in composting. The school will take place on September 14-15 at the KSU Agronomy Education Center at the North Agronomy Farm (2200 Kimball Ave) in Manhattan.

The program includes classroom and laboratory instruction along with field activities. Field activities will include a demonstration of composting equipment such as a turner, and collection of compost samples for testing for maturity as well as chemical and physical properties.

Instructors for this year will be DeAnn Presley, K-State Agronomy Department and Emery Wiens, Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Training topics will include:

  • Composting science and methods
  • Compost biology
  • Compost feedstocks
  • Food waste composting
  • Determining compost mixes
  • Permit and legal requirements
  • Site design and maintenance
  • Compost equipment
  • Windrow construction and aeration
  • Compost moisture
  • Field and laboratory monitoring
  • Learn to measure moisture, temperature, pH, soluble salts, maturity, and interpreting lab data
  • Compost quality and use
  • Methods of composting: static vs. active

Registration is due by September 5 and class size is limited to 20 people. The registration fee ($225) will include lunches, breaks, and training materials. Participants are responsible for travel and lodging. Payment (payable to KSU Agronomy) must accompany registration. Mail to: Extension Agronomy, 2014 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506. Online registration is available for credit card payment (additional fees apply): https://bit.ly/CompostSchool22


DeAnn Presley, Soil Management Specialist