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Extension Agronomy

Follow K-State Agronomy through social media and electronic newsletters

You can now find exciting new information from the Department of Agronomy on mobile devices and computers in more ways than ever! We have many social media and other electronic efforts now to choose from: Agronomy eUpdate, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (coming soon), in addition to our regular web site.

You can follow us on all of the social media outlets at the usernames listed below.





Your department is doing more great work than ever in teaching, research, and Extension. We’ll do everything we can to keep you updated on everything our faculty and students are doing; our best recommendations for crop, forage, and soil management in Kansas; and current crop conditions. Our social media and electronic forums will emphasize efficient agronomic practices, current research, student accomplishments within the department, new faculty hires and retirements, and much more.




Agronomy eUpdate.

The article you’re reading now is part of a regular weekly electronic newsletter called the Agronomy eUpdate. You can access the Agronomy eUpdate either by following us on Twitter, or by subscribing directly at: Subscribe to eUpdates!

The Agronomy eUpdate, with a reputation of being one of the best in the nation, provides information practices that will aid in current production and in identifying current production issues. In addition to using the link above to subscribe to the eUpdate, you can access the eUpdate each week by following us on Twitter or checking our web site at http://www.agronomy.k-state.edu/

Each week, the eUpdate is emailed to subscribers as soon as it is published.

“We have the best staff of agronomists in the nation at K-State, and we utilize all of this expertise in our weekly Agronomy eUpdate articles. Whatever your role in agronomy, you’ll find useful information in this newsletter every week – and it’s free! This newsletter goes to subscribers all over the country and world, but is focused on Kansas conditions,” said Steve Watson, Agronomy eUpdate Editor.


K-State Agronomy became active on Twitter nearly two years ago with the goal of reaching practicing professionals in agriculture with the latest crop and forage production practices and crop condition updates. Our Twitter postings have since gained a large base of followers, with about 3,500 Twitter users currently following the page. There have been more than 76,000 tweet impressions for August.

“Our Twitter efforts have been tremendously successful and have allowed us to reach more stakeholders than ever before. The eUpdate, for example, is now received by several thousand more people than when we used email distribution alone. Our goal is to provide valuable information to our stakeholders, before they even know they need it!” said Gary Pierzynski, Agronomy Department Head. 

You can follow us on Twitter at @KStateAgron.


Going off the success of Twitter and the eUpdates, the department recently started posting on Instagram to reach potential and current students, as well as alumni.

Our Instagram postings will provide a constant flow of images highlighting student activities, current research projects, and other various happenings in the department. With this new target audience in mind, the department hopes to attract future K-State students to Agronomy and keep interested Alumni members informed on what the department is doing … in picture form!

You can follow us on Instagram at @ksuagronomy.


Our Facebook page has been providing current updates on the department since 2012. You can access our Facebook page at @kstate.agronomy.

Steve Watson, Agronomy eUpdate Editor

Danielle Comstock, Social Media Student Intern