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Dryland Soil Health Network meeting - February 18 in Hays

K-State Research and Extension, in collaboration with the USDA, is hosting a Dryland Soil Health Network meeting on February 18 for dryland producers and researchers. The meeting will be held at the K-State Agricultural Research Center in Hays. Opening remarks will begin at 10:00 am, a lunch will be provided, and the meeting will conclude at 2:00 pm.

The goal of the Dryland Soil Health Network is to advance soil management strategies including conservation, cover crops, and no-tillage to improve soil health and productivity of dryland cropping systems through participatory research and learning.

The overall objectives of this meeting include:

  1. Provide farmers and researchers a platform to share information on soil management through structured research and education.
  2. Conduct on-farm research trials to investigate new and proven soil management strategies to improve soil health.
  3. Facilitate farmer-researcher feedback to identify soil health challenges and refine soil management recommendations/guidelines for dryland systems.

Interested individuals are encouraged to RSVP to Dr. Augustine Obour at aobour@ksu.edu or Joe Kimzey at jgk5335@ksu.edu. You can also RSVP by phone at 785-625-3425.