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Canola College 2016 in Enid, February 19

Canola College 2016, “Taking Canola Production to the Next Level,” will be held February 18, 2016 at the Chisholm Trail EXPO Center, 111 W. Purdue, in Enid, Oklahoma. This conference is sponsored by K-State, Oklahoma State University, Great Plains Canola Association (GPCA), and partners from the canola industry.


This will be the premier canola education/training event in the region in 2016. Canola College 2016 is for anyone with an interest in the canola industry, including experienced and first time growers, crop insurance agents, members of agricultural governmental agencies, and canola industry service and product providers. Attendees will hear from canola experts on a variety of key topics and will have the opportunity to visit with industry members who provide the goods and services needed to produce, handle, and market the crop.


Canola College 2016 topics will include:


Variety Selection – Mike Stamm, K-State Canola Breeder

Environmental and Cultural Impacts on Variety Selection - Heath Sanders, Canola Field Specialist, GPCA

Advanced Production Practices – Bob Schrock, Grower, Kiowa, Kan. and Jeff Scott, Grower, Pond Creek, Okla.

Managing Canola in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems – Jason Warren, OSU Extension Soil Management Specialist and Josh Bushong, OSU Canola Extension Assistant

Canola Production in Oklahoma Cropping Systems- Josh Lofton, OSU Cropping Systems Extension Specialist

Impact of Winter Wheat Stubble on Canola Establishment – Angela Post, OSU Extension Weed Specialist

In Season Nutrient Management for Canola Production – Brian Arnall, OSU Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

In Season Risk Management for Canola Production – Josh Lofton, OSU Cropping Systems Extension Specialist and Katie McCauley, OSU PaSS M.S. Candidate

Disease Management – John Damicone, OSU Extension Plant Pathologist

Insect Management – Tom Royer, OSU Extension Entomologist


New for 2016 will be the Canola Learning Laboratory. Attendees will be able to attend a learning laboratory where many of the concepts and theories presented throughout the conference will be on display through hands-on demonstrations. Participants will interact with specialists, get specific questions answered, and learn about the demonstrated concepts. Individual stations will focus on critical topics, such as: nutrient deficiency identification, herbicide uptake, weed/disease/insect identification, plant physiological changes with management practice, and winter survival.


Individuals can register for Canola College 2016 at www.canola.okstate.edu


For more information on Canola College, contact Ron Sholar, Executive Director, GPCA, at Jrsholar@aol.com or Josh Lofton, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist, OSU, at josh.lofton@okstate.edu



Mike Stamm, Canola Breeder