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Correlation of soil test nitrate level and wheat yields

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Review of drought-tolerant corn hybrids: Yield benefits

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Understanding soybean seed filling: Contribution to yield

There is still quite a bit of yield to be defined for soybeans in the next month. With most of the crop entering seed filling, weather conditions will be critical with respect to final seed weights.

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Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation

Yield estimates prior to harvest can be helpful for producers to make informed management decisions for the crop while there is time before harvest. As sorghum gets closer to maturity, yield estimates will be more accurate. Nonetheless, you can start taking yield estimations three to four weeks after flowering.

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Wheat Variety Fall Forage Yield Comparison for 2022-23

Fall forage yield is an important aspect of dual-purpose wheat production. Differences among wheat varieties play a role in forage production potential. The K-State Wheat Production Group compares the forage yield of several commonly grown wheat varieties and upcoming lines. Results from these trials are summarized in this article.

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