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Factors to consider in winter survival of wheat

Ideally wheat plants should have at least 1-2 tillers and 3-5 leaves, as well as a good crown root system development, when going into the winter. However, many Kansas wheat fields were sown relatively late this year, and have faced below-average temperatures, which slowed down crop development.

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Factors to consider in winter survival of wheat

The official start of winter is still over a month away, but Kansas has already experienced winter-like weather this fall. This article discusses some of the factors to consider when evaluating the outlook for winter survival of wheat.

wheat winter hardiness winter survival 

Potential for winterkill to the Kansas wheat crop

The extremely cold temperatures observed in Kansas in mid-February have the potential to cause winterkill to the winter wheat crop. Several factors come into play when talking about potential winterkill. Read more here from K-State wheat specialist Romulo Lollato.

wheat winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures 

Factors involved in winter survival of canola in Kansas

Winter survival of canola in Kansas is a complicated issue. Stand losses can be caused by one or more abiotic and biotic factors. Learn more about those factors and how to assess your winter canola stand in this article from K-State canola breeder Mike Stamm and farming systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

canola winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures