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Considerations when planting wheat into dry soil

The lack of recent rainfall across portions of central and western KS has resulted in dry soil near the surface. For wheat that still needs planted, producers have a few options. Learn more about planting wheat into dry soils in this article.

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Wheat planting: Be cautious of planting too early

Early sowing of wheat can lead to several problems. Ideally, growers should consider planting around the optimum window. However, if planting early due to moisture availability or a dual-purpose system, growers should consider selecting wheat varieties with tolerance to the major yield-reducing factors in their respective regions. Learn more in this article.

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Wheat planting - Tips for good stand establishment

Regardless of the soil moisture conditions at wheat planting time, there are a few important steps producers can take to improve their chances of getting a good stand of wheat. This article discusses tips for establishing a good wheat stand and includes links to additional online resources related to wheat production.

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