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We need your input - How do you use the Chemical Weed Control Guide?

Extension Agronomy needs your input! Help us improve our very popular Chemical Weed Control Guide by taking a very short survey. Details are in this article!

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New K-State 2021 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online

The K-State Chemical Weed Control has been updated for 2021 and is available online. This is one of the most popular extension resources each and every year. Paper copies will be available soon.

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K-State 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available

One of the most popular K-State Extension publications is here! The 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide is now available. This publication provides suggestions for chemical weed control in several major crops.

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Correction to the 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide for Reviton

Despite our pre-publication reviews, we have found an error in the 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide. The product Reviton should not be applied to emerged crops. Corrections have been made to the online version of the Chemical Weed Control Guide. This article provides the corrections for those with a paper copy.

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