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Outlook for stripe rust in the 2020 Kansas wheat crop

As spring weather continues, disease management decisions will need to be made by Kansas wheat growers. K-State wheat pathologist, Dr. Erick DeWolf discusses the outlook for stripe rust in the 2020 Kansas wheat crop.

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Time to start scouting wheat for stripe and leaf rust

With more reports of stripe rust appearing in Oklahoma and a recent report of disease in southeast KS, the time to start scouting wheat fields is now. Photos and scouting tips are featured in this article from K-State Plant Pathologist Dr. Erick DeWolf.

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Evaluating the need for foliar fungicides on wheat

Leaf diseases in wheat are often managed by a combination of genetic resistance and crop rotation. However, foliar fungicides may be needed when these practices fail to suppress disease levels. What should producers consider before any treatment application?

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Reports of stripe rust are increasing across Kansas, although incidence remains low

Scouting efforts from across Kansas have reported several new occurrences of stripe rust this week. So far, incidence has been low. However, producers should continue to scout their fields. Read more in this article from Extension Plant Pathology.

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Wheat disease update for Kansas - May 15, 2020

Stripe rust has been reported in multiple locations across Kansas in recent weeks. More recently, it has been seen in the upper canopy. For a complete wheat disease update, see this article from Extension Plant Pathology.

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Wheat disease update and fungicide considerations

Stripe rust continues to be the top disease story for Kansas wheat in 2020. Leaf rust has also made an appearance. What other diseases should you be looking for and are fungicides still an option? Find out more in this article.

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Upcoming warm weather may slow down stripe rust spread

Stripe rust has continued to show up in Kansas, with additional observations made in western counties. Incidence does remain very low in many locations. Get a complete update on current conditions in this article.

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Outlook for stripe rust in the 2021 Kansas wheat crop

With the onset of spring weather, it is time to look at factors that could influence the yield potential of the Kansas wheat crop. Producers may be starting to consider disease management plans. Read about the outlook for stripe rust in Kansas for 2021.

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Time to start scouting wheat for stripe rust: First reports in southeast Kansas

The first reports of stripe rust in Kansas have come in this last week. These reports have been only in the southeastern corner. Growers in south central and southeast Kansas should be scouting their fields in the coming days and weeks.

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Stripe rust distribution and risk assessment - April 29, 2021

The wheat crop is moving into the flag leaf stage in central Kansas and heading in the southern counties. Now is a critical time to assess the need for a foliar fungicide application. Scouting is a critical first step for stripe rust control. Learn more in this article from K-State wheat pathologists.

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Wheat disease update - May 6, 2021

This article summarizes the various wheat disease reports from across Kansas this past week. Several diseases are showing up in different locations, so now is the time to be actively scouting wheat fields.

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Fusarium head blight outlook and fungicide recommendations

Wet weather in many parts of Kansas this week are favorable for both Fusarium head blight (FHB or scab) and stripe rust development. In this article, we walk through some reminders for fungicide applications for each of these diseases. Timing of treatment is key!

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