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Soil considerations for onsite wastewater systems

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Plant, soil, and fertilizer considerations for chloride management in Kansas

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The challenge of collecting a representative soil sample

Soil testing should be the first step for a good nutrient management program, but it all starts with the proper sample collection procedure. Do you know how to take a representative soil sample?

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Soil Health Spotlight: Soil structure and aggregation

Do you know the difference between the terms soil structure and soil aggregation? What is the relationship between soil aggregation and soil health? What management practices promote aggregation in soils? Get answers to these questions and more in this article from doctoral student Laura Starr.

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Soil versus air temperatures: Understanding the relationship

During the bitterly cold period in mid-February, air temperatures dropped as low as -30 F in some locations. Soil temperatures, however, did not get near that cold. Several interacting factors control soil temperature flux. Learn some basic principles about soil temperature changes in this article.

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Learn how to examine soil for signs of compaction

Every year, questions arise about soil compaction. Compaction can reduce plant growth, reduce root penetration, restrict water and air movement in the soil, result in nutrient stresses, and cause slow seedling emergence. Now is a good time to check soils for signs of compaction.

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