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Consider fall treatments for control of marestail in soybeans

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Controlling annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum

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Update on dicamba applicator training for 2019

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Late-winter preplant applications for kochia control

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Palmer amaranth resistance to 2,4-D and dicamba confirmed in Kansas

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Cover crop termination considerations

Now is the time to begin considering how to terminate winter cover crops in preparation for summer crops. Some cover crop species, such as oilseed radish or fall-planted oats, are likely to be killed by freezing over the winter. But, many cover crops will need to be terminated by mechanical or chemical methods in the spring.

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Considerations for pre-emergence herbicides

Pre-emergence, soil-active herbicides applied around the time of planting are an important part of a good weed management program. However, variability in spring weather leads to concerns about both weed control and crop injury.

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Federal court vacates registration of some dicamba herbicide labels

On June 3, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued a decision that nullifies the current labels for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax herbicides. Weed Science Specialist Sarah Lancaster discusses this decision and what is known at this point.

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UPDATED - EPA approves labels for over-the top dicamba application

The article has been updated slightly from the original version published on October 30. Stay up -to-date on the recent EPA ruling concerning certain over-the-top dicamba products.

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Cover crop termination considerations

Now is the time to begin considering how to terminate winter cover crops in preparation for summer crops. While some species will be killed due to freezing over the winter, others will need to be terminated by mechanical or chemical methods.

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Late winter kochia control in fields going to soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat

This is the third and final article in a series discussing pre-emergence herbicides for kochia control. For this article, we cover recommendations specific to fields that will be planted to soybean or sunflower this spring and wheat in the fall.

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Herbicide application practices in Kansas

The K-State Weed Science Extension team is looking for your input! Herbicide application practices such as sprayer speed and spray volume influence weed control as well as whole-farm efficiency. Please consider filling out a short survey related to this topic.

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Understanding herbicide modes of action

Weed scientists at K-State have released a revised publication on the different modes of action of herbicides. This in-depth resource describes how herbicides work to control weeds. There are descriptive graphics and full-color photos throughout the text.

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Survey: Herbicide application practices in Kansas

If you did not get a chance to participate in a short survey about your herbicide application practices back in February, you have another chance! Help out the Extension Weed Science Team and fill out this short survey! Thank you!

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Cover crop response to herbicides

As September begins, some producers are thinking about seeding winter cover crops in fields currently planted to corn. The successful establishment of winter cover crops is influenced by several factors. This article provides some additional details about cover crop responses to various herbicides.

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