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Challenges with late-harvested crops and forages - Part 2

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Wheat harvest: Identifying disease problems and setting harvest priorities

As we begin harvest across the state, we wanted to provide some reminders about diseases that may affect either grain quality or the viability of grain that is destined to be saved for seed.

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Considerations when harvesting short wheat

In many areas of Kansas, prolonged drought has resulted in short wheat and thin stands. Harvesting wheat in these situations can be a challenge. Special attention needs to be given to cutting height, machine adjustments, and operator control.

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Stop spreading weed seed during harvest activities

Be mindful of the many ways that weeds can spread from field to field, including hitching a ride on harvest equipment. Learn what steps can be taken to minimize spreading weed seeds during harvest activities.

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Rate of dry down in sorghum before harvest

The dry down process for grain sorghum is affected by several factors including temperature, humidity, and late-season stress conditions. Read more about the dry down process and how to estimate when sorghum will be ready to harvest.

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Soybean dry down rate before harvest

Soybeans will reach final maturity with high seed water content, moving from 90% to around 60% from beginning of seed filling until final maturity. The dry down rate depends on a few factors including maturity group, planting date, and weather conditions.

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