Agronomy eUpdate July 2nd, 2020

Issue 808

Fungicide considerations for corn diseases: Scouting is key

Corn producers should be scouting fields and assessing the need for a foliar fungicide application. Learn about the different disease risks factors for corn and when treatment is recommended for susceptible and intermediate hybrids.

corn disease foliar fungicides gray leaf spot bacterial leaf streak 

What factors should be considered before baling or burning wheat residue?

Following wheat harvest some producers might be thinking about baling or burning their wheat stubble. Factors to consider include loss of nutrients, protection from erosion, soil moisture and infiltration rates, and soil quality concerns.

soil erosion wheat stubble crop residue 

2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest

Kansas Corn, in conjunction with K-State Research and Extension, will conduct a 2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest. The contest is a fun way for producers to showcase their high yielding and high quality corn with other growers in the state. Cash awards will be awarded at the district and state levels.

Corn Yield Contest