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April 26 webinar to focus on cover crops in a livestock grazing system

Growing cover crops offer potential benefits, including improved soil health, but these crops can be expensive to establish and manage. Establishment and management costs can be recovered by integrating crop and animal production and grazing cover crops as forage.

Great Plains Grazing team member and K-State Southeast Area Extension Beef Systems Specialist Jaymelynn Farney will present “Integration of Livestock and Cropping Systems,” a free webinar at 1:30 p.m. (CDT) on Tuesday, April 26. The webinar is open to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how cover crops can fit into a livestock grazing system.

Webinar participants can expect to learn:

  • benefits of integrating crop and animal production;
  • cover crop types and their forage production potential; and
  • best utilization of these crops for cow herd or stocker grazing.

The April 26 webinar is part of a monthly series hosted by Great Plains Grazing, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agriculture and Food Research Initiative-Coordinated Agricultural Project (USDA-AFRI-CAP) grant. Online registration is available at Great Plains Grazing webinars.

The webinar series aims to provide research-based information, and is targeted for producers and extension agents. Previous webinars are archived and more information is available at Great Plains Grazing.


Lana Barkman, Great Plains Grazing Project Manager