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Wheat disease update

The wheat crop has raced ahead in growth stages this past week. The growth stage now ranges from flag leaf emergence in the north to early stages of kernel development in the south.. The hot, dry weather continues to be the major issue in the state although spotty rains have brought some short-term relief to some limited areas of the state. 

I have been scouting and participating in Extension programs in south central Kansas this week including Barber, Harper, Kingman, Pratt, and Reno counties. I found no leaf rust or stripe rust in these demonstration plots. Powdery mildew has been absent this year. I found trace levels of tan spot in a few fields on lower leaves. Other reports from Cheyenne, Jefferson, Nemaha, Osage Phillips, Saline, Sedgwick, Sherman, Sumner, Wallace counties indicate no disease in other areas of the state. 

The risk of severe disease in Kansas remains very low this year. 

Erick De Wolf, Extension Plant Pathologist