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Western Kansas Fall Field Day scheduled for August 27, Tribune

Join K-State agronomists and extension specialists at the 2019 Tribune Fall Field Day on Tuesday, August 27. The event is located 4 miles east of Tribune on Highway 96 (to Whitelaw), then 4.5 miles north and ¾ mile east.

Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. MDT, followed by field tours and a lunch sponsored by United Plains Ag.

Field tours starting at 9:00 a.m. MDT include:

  • Dryland corn maturity x date of planting
  • Nitrogen management of dryland grain sorghum – Nitrous oxide emissions
  • Dryland wheat performance – Regional results
  • Kansas Mesonet – Making weather data available
  • Limited irrigation of corn and grain sorghum
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization of irrigated corn and grain sorghum

Presenters at the field day include:

  • Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Agronomist, Colby
  • Peter Tomlinson, Environmental Quality Specialist, Manhattan
  • Chip Redmond, Kansas Mesonet Manager, Manhattan
  • Alan Schlegel, Southwest Research-Extension Center, Tribune