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Extension Agronomy

Southwest Research-Extension Center field day, August 24

The Southwest Research-Extension Center hosts its annual fall field day on Thursday, Aug. 24 at 4500 E. Mary St. in Garden City.

The field day includes field tours, seminars, and commercial exhibitor displays, plus a sponsored lunch. Registration begins at 8 a.m. with the program starting at 9:15 a.m.

One credit hour and one core hour will be available for commercial pesticide applicator licensing.

Field tour and seminar topics include:

  • Corn and Sorghum Insect Control Update
  • Weed Control in Irrigated Corn
  • Weed Control in Dryland Sorghum
  • The Effect of Humic Products on Sorghum Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency
  • Integrating Cover Crops and Annual Forages into Wheat-Sorghum-Fallow Cropping Systems
  • Wheat Health Management
  • Core Hour for Commercial Pesticide License

More information is available by contacting Randall Currie at rscurrie@ksu.edu or by calling the center at 620-276-8286.