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Saline County dryland corn plot /on-farm research tour, July 28

K-State Research and Extension and the Central Kansas Extension District will host tours of two dryland corn seeding rate plots and one stop featuring site-specific precision ag technology using satellite imagery in Saline County on Thursday, July 28.

Focus of the tour will be a discussion of the on-farm research plots at each farm -- evaluating twin row vs. 30" row corn, the use of satellite imagery in site-specific precision farming, and dryland corn seeding rates.

The first stop will begin at 8:30 a.m. at the Dwight Conley farm located 1 mile south of Gypsum on Gypsum Valley Rd. and then 1/4  mile east on Assaria Rd. An on-farm research plot sponsored by Great Plains Manufacturing, comparing twin row corn vs. 30" row corn at three seeding rates will be discussed.

The second stop will begin at 9:30 a.m. at Shadelawn farm, operated by Justin Knopf, located 1 mile north of Gypsum, just north of the Gypsum Valley Rd. and McReynolds Rd. intersection. An on-farm research plot featuring the use of site-specific precision agriculture tools and satellite imagery will be discussed, as will the use of a triticale cover crop following corn last year, and where no-till soybeans were planted in 2016.             

The last stop will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the Mark Pettijohn farm located southwest of Solomon.  From Solomon, go 1 ½ mile west on Old Hwy 40 then 3/4 mile south on Donmyer Rd. to Campbell Rd., then east 1 mile to the T intersection, and then south 1 mile to the plot. If coming from the south, from the Donmyer Rd./Country Club Rd. intersection go 4 miles north to Campbell Rd. then east 1 mile to the T intersection and then south 1 mile to the plot. An on-farm research plot, featuring dryland corn seeding rates of 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30,000 seeds per acre, will be discussed.

Speakers include K-State Extension specialists Ignacio Ciampitti, Stu Duncan, and Jeff Whitworth; Tom Maxwell, Central Kansas District extension crop production agent; and the cooperating farmers.

For more information about the tours, contact Tom Maxwell at the CKD3 - Salina office at 785-309-5850. All interested persons are invited to attend any or all of these tour stops. No RSVP is needed.


Tom Maxwell, Central Kansas Extension District crop production agent

Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production and Cropping Systems Specialist