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Extension Agronomy

Prescribed burning workshops scheduled for January and February

K-State is conducting several Prescribed Burning Workshops during January and February. Dates and locations established at this time are:

January 22, Rock Springs 4-H Camp
Contact: Garry Burges, 785-238-1290, garry.burges@jcks.com

January 23, 4-H Centennial Building, Kansas State Fairgrounds, Hutchinson
Contact: Cody Barilla, Reno Co. Extension office, 620-662-2371, cbarilla@k-state.edu

February 5, Courthouse Basement, Minneapolis
Contact: Anthony Ruiz, Ottawa Co. Extension office, 785-392-2147, anruiz@ksu.edu

February 12, Butler County 4-H Building, El Dorado
Contact: David Kehler, Butler Co. Extension office, 316-321-9660, dkehler@ksu.edu

February 25, Knights of Columbus Hall, Aurora (Cloud County)
Contact: Robin Reid, Washington Co. Extension office, 785-325-2121, robinreid@ksu.edu

There will be a minimum charge of $5/person to help cover the cost of materials. Some sites are charging for a meal. People will need to contact the following and ask about charges:

The workshops typically begin at 10 a.m. and conclude by 3 p.m. Please contact Walt Fick if you are interested in hosting a basic Prescribed Burning Workshop or a meeting related to prescribed burning and/or smoke management.

Walt Fick, Rangeland Management Specialist