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New website offers soil health webinar resources

A team of K-State Research and Extension specialists has developed a website called “Soil Health BootCamp” as part of a vegetable production webinar development project. As part of that project, some excellent resources on soil health were produced that agricultural producers might find useful. 

Below is a list of topics that can be accessed on the website under the “Webinars” link: Here’s some info:

  1. Soil Physical Properties (~16 min)
  2. Soil as a Living Ecosystem (~21 min)
  3. Cover Crops I – Functions of Cover Crops (~23 min)
  4. Cover Crops II – Specific applications to Vegetables (~33 min)
  5. Vegetable Production -Equipment, Fertigation, No-till (~33 min)
  6. Diseases (~31 min)
  7. Pollinators and Beneficials (~15 min)
  8. Insect Pests (~7 min)

As part of this effort, a series of workshops to “train the trainers” is being held for Extension and other educators. Details and registration can be found at the “Soil Health BootCamp” web site. The next workshop is October 5 in Liberal. Workshops will be available in other locations in Kansas in 2017. There is no cost to attend, and lunch is provided.


DeAnn Presley, Soil Management Specialist