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Extension Agronomy

Do you graze or hay annual forages or cover crops? We'd like your help!

Many annual forages /cover crops are known to accumulate nitrates in dry or cool conditions. We’d like to get a better handle on how often producers run into nitrate issues when using these forages so that we can help cattle producers through our research and extension programming. Fresh and dry forages act differently in the rumen, and the incidence of nitrate toxicity may reflect these differences in grazed verses hayed forages. The short survey (estimated time to answer these questions is 5 minutes) will be used to direct future research and extension programing.

Please consider completing the short survey by following the link below.

Annual Forage Nitrate Survey https://ssp.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2mek8zeFxbJU0Sh

This survey is a collaboration of the University of Nebraska and K-State Research and Extension. Your answers will remain anonymous and confidential. We know your time is valuable and appreciate your help.


Jaymelynn Farney, Southeast Area Beef Systems Specialist

Mary Drewnoski, Beef Systems Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mary Beth Lentz, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln