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Throckmorton Computing Services

Throckmorton Computing Services

Kansas State University

1302B Throckmorton Ctr.

Manhatan, KS 66506



Welcome to Throckmorton Computing Services

Welcome to the Throckmorton Computing Services web portal! This website is designed to be a launching pad pointing you to assistance and resources for users of the computing and networking infrastructure within the Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center complex.

Throckmorton Computing Services Web Application Modules

Throckmorton Computing Services provides the departments within Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center with a centralized web based interface that brings together several previously separate web and desktop based information systems where all the data is linked together by a common thread; you!

If you are a new faculty, staff, graduate student or student hourly here in Throckmorton you will need to register here. If you are already registered for the Throck web application, you can login here with your eID.

Logging into Throck is the starting place if you need IT assistance, print posters and color prints through our printing services, make purchases and several other tasks related to your duties here in Throckmorton.

  • Purchase Orders and IDR
  • Assets
  • Space Planning
  • Social Media
  • Digital Signage
  • Greenhouse Environmental Data
  • Growth Chamber Environmental Data
  • IT Help

How To Get Help

Submit a trouble ticket here.

Contact THCS via email.

You can also submit an URGENT ticket via the ticket system here.

If your IT issue is related to your eID password, email or other K-State eID access
visit the K-State Help Desk at http://www.k-state.edu/its/helpdesk/
Or call the K-State Help Desk at 785.532.7722 (helpdesk@ksu.edu)

If the issue is URGENT, you can also try calling or texting Arthur's cell: 785.556.6737

Or finally, you can visit Marty Criswell or our student techs in TH 4022C 785.532.1372.

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